Thanks Angie. I checked. G Star sells online here. I like the 3301s. They have them in blue. Also the Noxer(?) style. I am interested but I will have to try and figure out my size before ordering. It’s highly variable. Do you think they fit more like premium jeans (ie small) or more like regular jeans?

For white jeans, I would be prepared to pay for alterations too. These look like they will be instant workhorses in your wardrobe.

Jaime, it's natural to get the cuties mixed up

Isabel, nice to see you chime in!

Bijou, white jeans look see-through fast. AND I don't like soft and stretchy denim. You are right! So worth the effort with these made of just the right fabric.

Brooklyn, I think G-Star fits more like premium jeans - although the Kates are a huge exception.

Jonesy, YES. I usually have three to four pairs of white jeans in rotation at once. See Finds of my current collection. I have designated tops to wear with white jeans, but it's a fluid concept changes as a I pander to my mood - I would like to see your impressive 20 year alterations!

Look at that riveting rear view! They suit you perfectly, Angie. You can never have too many pairs of white jeans!

Laura, you never fail to make me smile

How low is that low-waist that they talk about? It doesn't look too low on you at all!

They're fantastic summer jeans. Seriously tempted if the rise is not too low.


Suz, I just measured the front rise on the size 24 = 9.35 inches. I am relatively short in the opposite to you.

What did you like about this style Angie? Is it that the lower rise looks good on you?
Considering the Kates because the seat looks roomy, but there are so many options on their site, holymakerel!
I like those other ones you posted for Brooklyn too.

Smittie, these jeans are mid to high rise

To answer your question, I love the fabric, quality, no stretch, optical shade of white, sustainable and ethical manufacture, and relaxed leg fit. Fabric is thick, true denim, crisp, and not see- through.

Yes, loads of great jeans styles to choose from! What are you looking for, and how can I help?

Great jeans, Angie! Congratulations! It is not easy to find the perfect fabrication and color, and a good fit. Totally worth the alteration. You look amazing!

That's lovely to hear, Katerina

Late to the party...but they look fresh&great, indeed!

Thanks, Lyn67! I'm busting them out to wear tomorrow.