rachylou, maybe your positivity will rub off!

JAileen, I am really trying hard to love it. We ate at a lot of great restaurants in the neighborhoods we’re considering, which was fun. I just feel incredibly hemmed-in and anxious there. It’s a physical sensation. Plus, I hate hot weather, and am not an ocean person. And property is 3x the price of here.

Ok. This is what you do: do an AirBnB in SF’s Sunset district or Daly City for a week. Just try to live a normal life. Try to go to the grocery store, buy gas, and find a book. Then when you get to LA, you’ll kiss the ground, praise the sun, and thank the gods for all *the culture*

A big hug Jenn- tough times! No words of wisdom at the moment- I hope the house falls into place as that will be a big weight off your mind.

Thanks, everyone. I started an off-topic thread.

It usually takes people a year to get used to Southern California. Give yourself time. People seemed to find their niche in the desert, mountains, or beach. Wishing all hoes smoothly with your move.

BTW- The precheck system can be really annoying because the airlines don’t like certain names (esp. hyphens) and print names in ways unrecognized by the precheck system which means it frequently won’t show up. But, if you go to the special issues desk at the airport, they’ll reprint your boarding pass with the precheck number on it.