Beautiful shirt and looks fab on you! Keep!

Lovely - I hope it is a keeper.

I so can relate-somehow. I struggle with long sleeve shirts in general and within them them the uni ones especially... I think is the wider/bigger amount of the uni material which bothers me-especially if a pale color. So I use them rather as a topper (open and scrunched sleeve).
Your new shirt is fab!!!

Decision made - it is a keeper. Couple of solid color and neutral shirts arrived today and they are already packed to go back. Not worth to even show them to you. Thank you all for helping me decide.

Love the shirt. Looks beautiful on you! I'm glad you're keeping it!

I'm glad you kept this shirt - it suits you. You pull off white & blue well!

If it helps, the only reason I have *any* neutral blouses right now is for interviews - & even then, they're pussybow blouses (so not completely 'plain' either)! One cream & one milk chocolate pussybow blouse are enough to cover this need - the rest are in bright colours, like marigold or lipstick red. So I may be ever so *slightly* biased, haha