I love reading about it...it must have been great! I so hope I can join one someday.

But...it's making me wonder what the verdict on some recent purchases would be. No, next store?!

All day long I listened and took mental notes. I figured I had one day to learn, and I'd better learn fast! At the very first store we were at (Nordstrom Rack) Angie asked me what I was shopping for. "Premium denim jeans" was my answer. She asked me a few questions to determine exactly what type/style I wanted, and then said, "None of these will work for you. What will probably work for you is BR and J.Crew." And guess what? Those just happen to be two of my favorite stores! Get to know what works for you. It is out there, keep looking and don't settle.

I also noted what Angie was wearing. Among other gorgeous items, she had on a white button-down. The quality of it was impeccable. The collar stayed in place all day! (I always have to fuss with mine.) Now, I would gladly give up all of my button-downs for just one of that quality. So why do I have many multiples of OK quality when I would trade it all for one of impeccable quality? She also had on a beautiful coat that she told me was several years old. A good quality item is worth it! It will last for many years. Buy the best quality you can afford, for it is better to have one item of excellent quality than 5 of OK quality.

By the end of the day, all I had found was a pair of shoes. I did find a gorgeous Kate Spade purse but it had a flaw so I didn't get it. We were in one of the last stores (BCBG Max Azria) and, truth be told, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Then I just kind of said to myself, "I can do this. I can find something. Think of what you've learned today and DO IT!" I was looking for a blazer, and fortunately for me, I finally found a designer that fits me well (I love you Max!). I have a real sugar eye for lace, and I found a perfect fitting, impeccable quality blazer with lace insets. Angie approved, and I felt like a student who had just earned an A+!

Okay - I am wondering if I should just leave this thread as it is, or start a new one and copy some of these responses there so others can see? What think you, Ornella? I am unsure if some people may miss the point of this one or if those who are curious have already found it.

ETA: Karie, you did earn an A+. Maybe even an A++. The teacher even said so!!

It truly is an experience to spend time (especially shopping time) with Angie. Those who were experiencing it for the first time were nervous at the thought, but she is so gracious and fun that those were quickly realized to be unfounded fears. She makes a point to visit individually with each person in some way. She is quick to spot items of interest, hone in on things to try and can size up a tryon in a nanosecond. I recall "If it doesn't work you know what to do, put it back on the Racks ladies..." On to the next store. There is something for everyone and not everything will work. She squeals with delight at items that make her happy (Club Monaco colors, Ted Baker florals, great quality workmanship for a few) and while many of us were starting to tire at the point of hitting All Saints she remained positive with a simple "These are not my happy colors (all black and grey). They are Greg's happy colors."

Personally I was enjoying the experience and not shopping for much in particular. I tried on a few tshirts and she helped me pick one that was a little shiny (she knows my magpie tendencies) but casual and worked with a semituck. Of course she innocently asked if I'd wear something under it (it was a bit sheer) and once reassured I would it was deemed a keeper. Another was immediately dismissed for its clinginess.
I am not as good as Suz at expressing it, but It is infectious and a veritable treat to experience and I hope you all will get an opportunity to someday. All meetups offer fun, fashion and good advice, but Angie meetups are unequaled in these.

This thread is a treasure. Suz, I think you could start a new thread, and personally I will be happy to read this again (and again). Your descriptions of Angie in action are wonderful - I feel like flying to Seattle! Among the many things that has always amazed and impressed me about Angie is how she is so sensitive to everyone's preferences and personality. Wow. (And that she is probably blushing when she read this :-))

What a super thread, Ornella! But one downside: now I am homesick for Angie! You ladies have all described her special magic really well. I have a great memory of Vicki squealing with excitement knowing she was actually shopping with Angie. Utterly adorable. This is the effect she has on people.

Suz :: do it You can just link to this thread and continue, or whatever you find best. I'll add a link to your thread here too so there's no information lost. But, I'm glad we're finally having this discussion and there's certainly room for more. Much MUCH more with your writing talent and thread moderating skills.

There never was one-stop meet-up round-up of this sort before and I'm happy we're (hopefully) creating a new tradition: wrap-up post. What we normally see and 'participate in' are packed-and-ready-to-go posts, meeting/lunch posts, shopping updates... but not that fully what happens after everyone goes home with their impressions. YouknowwhatImean And we obviously all want and need this, both the participants and the audience.

Reading this thread leads to so many new questions for you all. I absolutely love all the stories not only about interactions with Angie, but between other ladies from the group. I can easily picture the on-line personalities I got to know and it all fits. And I keep learning from everyone.

JulieJohn :: I'm homesick for both Angie and the group and I've never met anyone yet. I have a quiet hope that once she finally lands somewhere in Europe she'll be close enough that I can make the trip. I'm just trying to imagine what it feels like when a very special energy that's created in virtual place is actually experienced - lived - in reality.

Btw, do we have everyone's new mantra or even YLF rule? Could "Next" be it

Thank you everyone - what an amazing read

Claps her hands, thanx for the thread Ornella!:-)

Ornella, you're so right about this: I absolutely love all the stories not only about interactions with Angie, but between other ladies from the group.

Like I said above, I wasn't able to stay for long, and reading this thread I keep wondering if I should've flipped my plans around so that instead of arriving on Friday and leaving before lunch on Saturday, I could've arrived Saturday for the luncheon and stay all afternoon/evening.

BUT, that means I wouldn't have spent time with Suz, pil, and Karie on Friday afternoon, and I wouldn't have been part of the group of 10 that went out for dinner. It was still a big group, but Saturday's group was even bigger! And it was on the move; I imagine it was harder to chat that way.

My goals were to meet Angie and glean some wisdom from her and everyone else. I wasn't on a shopping mission for anything in particular, so I was glad to forgo that part just to hang out with some new friends.

Windchime, YOUR comment really took me aback. You are so right. It should be a life mantra in general. Oh , the lessons we learn here are not just sartorial ones. : )

Wow, wonderful comments by all! I'm glad you started this thread, Ornella. I was so curious about what everyone learned from the experience. Now I, too, have learned some things from reading the replies.

And rachylou, you crack me up!!

Good grief.

I am absolutely speechless. How do I reply to this level of praise? Stating that I am undeserving of it is a start. And thanking you ALL for your awfully gracious and generous words is another. I am completely overwhelmed and flattered. Thank you so, so much.


Ornella, thank you for starting this thread. I'm picking up a thought that started gnawing with The "What's your canary" thread...that when shopping, to go with the first impression in the mirror. It's so easy to try to make something work when one should say "next" and move on.
So much wisdom here.
ETA: just a thought. Maybe those of us who live in areas where it's doubtful that Angie will ever venture ( we don't even have the stores) should save our pennies and aim to make a YLF meetup in the 10th birthday year in 2 years.

I think this thread is great. Not only for the community feeling, but it gives yet another insight as to how use a " happy discipline" that will pay off in better choices. Wish I could have been there, but these stories do give even more "life" to PPP, to Angie's blog advice, to enjoying the journey and not just buying something. More inspiration ( says one who seems to need lots of reinforcement!).

So now I am even more bound and determined to attend the next meetup that happens in Seattle.