I know several of you have foot issues, perhaps you could offer me suggestions for further investigation?
My right arch - only the arch - has been painful on and off for a couple of months now. It started out with the sensation that the arch needed to 'crack'. I don't recall twisting or pulling my ankle or foot and there isn't anything in particular that appears to trigger it other than putting weight on my foot. It lasts longer than a twinge and comes and goes during the day. Sometimes I feel it while sitting or lying in bed, but it isn't anything that keeps me awake or wakes me up. Some days it is fine. Wearing Birkenstocks helped the other day.
I'll be having my annual physical soon and will ask the doctor about it then, but in the meantime I wonder what your thoughts are as far as podiatric versus chiropractic treatment or if you have other suggestions?
Thanks a bunch.