There was a time in my history when I only owned blazers (not one single cardigan). Over the course of the past few years, I suddenly stopped buying blazers and started buying cardigans. This is a huge shift. I was wondering if anyone else shifted their buying strategy similarly. I was also wondering if this was yet one more sign of fashion casualization.

I say this because I was shopping Banana Republic this morning (40 percent off) and I was attracted to their blazers. Despite the attraction, I hesitated to actually buy them. I wasn't certain "they fit my style any longer." This is surprising because years ago I lived in blazers and considered them a crucial part of my work uniform. I still wear them today, but as outer wear. They are the perfect length and weight for me during most winter days.

Another thing that might factor into this change is that I recently started working from home two days a week. This means I only wear my work wardrobe three times a week. I don't think I would put on a blazer to work from home. I would very likely wear a cardigan though.

Between fashion's casualization and my new work schedule, it is a confusing time for me. I've always maintained two wardrobes: one for work and one for casual. Over the course of the past two years or so, the proportions of each have shifted.

All thoughts are welcome.