Forum member Diane G. is our first featured seamstress, so it's possible she could whip up any fantasy outfit you come up with.

Diane says:

I have been sewing lots of my own clothes lately and therefore lots of options for my sewing inspiration would be great! I don't mind multiple Finds/links if that's what floats your boat.

So, as I'm in the UK I have to dress for a very mixed climate. In Summer we can go from heat wave and humid, to cool and rainy in a couple of days. Winters can be cold and wet. Transitional wear is a must.

I work from home (sewing) and I'm also a mum on the go. When I see clients they come to me at home, so although I may be sitting sewing, I still have days where I need to be quite smart and presentable. I like clothes with a 'soft edge'. I prefer a bit of femininity to my looks, I never wear button-downs or preppy looks. I'm also a stripe-phobe! My colour palette is 'Soft Autumn' which means muted softened tones with a warmth to them (practically no black in my wardrobe!)

I've been enjoying trying out a teeny bit moderate asymmetry and a little bit of controlled drape lately and I would love to do more of the same, but I also love a classic item like a Burberry trench. I always have to have a bit of structure somewhere in my outfit in order to feel right, but at the same time love to be comfortable and so wear lots of knit items, mostly on my top half.

Have fun shopping!

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