Inspired by Helena, I have decided to run through my Q1 wardrobe additions. All of these, except the pink jacket at the end were January purchases. My shopping is sporadic as I often buy in sales. I am quite happy to wait to see if what I want eventually gets reduced and don't suffer FOMO as there will always be something else that comes along.

For my endless summer
- Birk EVAs - as soon as I saw the colour, I knew these were the Birks for me! I wear these as summer slippers, to the beach and as a shoe going to and from karate training. Practical and comfy.
- Hot pink dress - bought on sale and still being worn at least weekly as it is still hot here. Great quality cotton.

January birthday gifts
- PINK metallic Bao Bao - DH bought this for my Jan birthday found on a Japanese reseller - new with tags. I had mentioned to DH that I really loved the shiny metallic Bao Baos and in 2016 they even had a pink metallic. Not sure how DH tracked this down, it is so gorgeous and special.
- GG pearl belt - a second hand purchase. So fun and just works in my wardrobe.

With a view to travel and update my gear
2019 was the last time I set foot on a plane or had a holiday away from home... DH, DS and I have plans to take a holiday this year.
- Gold raincoat - I wanted a very lightweight raincoat in a neutral. This is oversized and I will be protected. Bought online in the end of season sales.
- Gold sneakers - Nike air max 97's are my favourite sneakers and are a fun match with the coat.

Looking forward to the new season
Shearling boots - you have no idea how gorgeous these are! Bought online in the sales, they have a low heel and are soft and comfy. My feet get cold in winter, so these are not as crazy as it may first appear.
Floral dress - another sale purchase and a beautiful fit. The fabric is reasonably light so once temps hit 20C and below, I will be wearing this and like the Edwardian vibe.
Pink jacket - bought this month - a jacket that I thought I would hopefully pick up on sale in Jul/Aug - but strangely Matches Fashion had it briefly reduced and I pounced on it. I have been looking for the right pink jacket for me - this peacoat style works well in my wardrobe.

In relation to my plans for dressing for Autumn / Winter 2023 the pink bag and jacket are the foundation pieces around which I will build my looks. My needs are very limited, so I am happy to integrate my new additions into my wardrobe.