Today, Angie's Blog was about puffy sleeves and I must admit I thought I didn't like them at all. Then I looked through my Finds and found that I added two puffy sleeve tops this year, a dress and a blouse. The puffy part of both was at the wrists, not the shoulder. Her point about puffiness at the shoulder line affecting the silhouette was one I hadn't thought about much and made me want to try it to see how it works for me. I'm thinking of ordering and trying tops with puffy shoulders. I found two I really like (from Anthro and JCrew) that I'd like to try. Do you have any other recommendations that you've tried and liked? The first two Finds (WHBM and Boden) are from my wardrobe and have puffy wrists and the second two are ones that have puffy shoulders that I thought might work for me.