I wanted to share some feedback on 2 items recommended by Angie that I purchased recently and another great find I came across.

#1 Naturalizer Rory flat - this shoe is so comfortable! Its like walking on cushions. I have narrow"ish" feet with a high arch. I typically can't wear flats due to my high arch. However, the cushion support feels great on my feet and the sturdy/wide back strap is very comfortable to me . I love the texture and pointed toe. I wish they had more colors! I would definitely duplicate this shoe.

#2 Caresse bra. I HATE bra shopping. But after reading Angie's post on the topic it pushed me to go out there and attempt to replace my 3-4 year old bras (believe me that's how much I hate bra shopping). I gave this bra a try and I absolutely love it! It fits well and I have the same small shoulder problem Angie does. The straps stay put and snug without being bothersome. I really, really like this bra and THAT,S SAYING SOMETHING.

#3 BR Dress - I am obsessed with white and white summer dresses are my HIWI. I took a chance on this particular dress with absolutely NO expectations. I was figuring it would go straight back, as I find most of BR white items to be too sheer and or poor quality materials. I was SHOCKED to find this dress fits my shape perfectly and is lined with a nice cotton liner (I am having to look for more cotton/linen fabrics because of the random sweating I experience - thanks to mid life). The dress IS NOT see through. I even put on dark navy panties to test it out. I love this dress so much I ordered the print one too. I love duplicating when I find the perfect fit and item I KNOW will be a WORKHORSE for me.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying positive and busy. March is my Bday month so I always do a good amount of shopping. And S/S is my favorite time of year. I just ended up doing more online this year.