Thanks again to all who made suggestions on my thread in quest for the perfect black shift dress.. This is not it. But sometimes we find what we are not looking for is actually a great solution. Suz and others pointed out that I should keep my eyes open for sheath dresses too. I saw this dress of amazon. It's easy to miss without enlarging the photo but the top portrait high vee neckline is not solid. It's composed of overlapping diagonal panels. It strongly reminded me of the Anthropologie Bailey 44 tiered column dress, back in 20111-12 that many of you wore with such elan and panache!! So I tried it on super sale at for $119. It's a huge winner. I did size up, I am 5'3" 115 lb 34 A bust rectangle and can span 4-8 mass retail to designer sizing. But typically prefer size 6 as I don't like tight clothes. This, hum, how to describe the fabric, dense knit, not ponte, but this dressy slight matte sheen, if that makes any sense, is magic. Upsized it's tailored bodycon that glides over curves without clinging. The crisscross fabric on the bust give nice definition and hello hourglass and the sleeve set and length are perfect. The portrait high vee, is a hewi, alluring, creating structure and tastefully showing skin but entirely ladylike and bending and lifting will not cause any reveal. It's perfect midi length hitting the top of the upper curve of my calf. Perfect for conservative situation with a jacket, and sexy ladylike on it's own. My husband went berserk!! The neckline is very flattering alone but it obviously can take a statement necklace or bling ears and large cuff or bracelet. I did try the Theory varetta admiral crepe. It fit, but I didn't like it. It read old lady, even with the elegant scoop back on me. Although it's totally my style it didn't feel like me. The daverin is both classic with the portrait neckline but youthful without skewing young. For those with remembered JK's Scruples 2, Sasha saying that the only thing that matters in a great dressy dress is the neckline - yup she's be all over this one!! At full price $425 it's ouchy because of the knit fabric - although it feels like excellent quality I don't know how it will wear. On sale at amazon, for some of the sizes, at $119 for me, it's an extraordinary bargain which I think will get a lot of wear (and the fabric does make it divinely comfortable) but wanted to give it a shout out for anyone on black dress hunt!! Happy new year everyone wishing you health, joy and peace in 2018!!