Many of you may remember the recent fabber-love for the Blondo Elvina bootie in a white/grey snakeskin. It's a top pick and the find was collected 34 times!

I too love Blondo boots, and own three pairs. They are super comfortable, waterproof, warm, just perfect for my cold snowy winters. However, the 2" heel on the Elvina is too high for me; I need a heel no more than 1-1/2" these days. The only Blondo booties I've seen this fall with that low a heel is the Lidia, which I tried, but it did not fit right.

So, I looked at other brands. I was a bit surprised at the slim pickin's of white/grey snakeskin booties with a lower heel. First I tried Miz Mooz Belgica. It didn't fit right, and the outside zipper rubbed on my ankle bone which is an absolute deal breaker. I had some booties a few years ago with this issue and attaching a moleskin strip did not resolve it. It might work for someone with a slightly differently placed ankle bone. Wow, talk about picky anatomical discussions! I know you fabbers get it The Miz Mooz is also a bit high at the front.

I then went to the Lucky Basel, which I knew would fit because I have them in a cognac color. They are very comfortable and almost workhorses. I sized up in hopes of wearing socks with them, but after playing with several combinations of insoles I gave up and ordered my "usual" size to wear with nylon knee highs. This bootie can be found at Nordstrom, Macy's, Amazon, and Zappos, and if you do a google search you'll find other online sellers. It comes in several snakeskin colors (white/grey, taupe/grey, burgundy/black, olive/black), a leopard print and a camo print, plus several solids. Zappos seems to have the largest number of color/print choices.

I'd love to find a bootie in a more Chelsea boot style, a little less western, but so far that's been a HEWI. I've tried a lot of different brands but nothing works so far.

I tried three different snakeskin colors, but ultimately decided on the grey/white one. Once the right size arrives I will do some outfit creation. I found a bunch of things I already have that I think will work....


  1. The Lucky Basel in white/grey snakeskin
  2. dark red/black snakeskin
  3. taupe/grey snakeskin
  4. Miz Mooz Belciga
  5. Blondo Elvina (2" heel)...the one that started it all