Zappos carries 16 colors but only some are on sale. The one I wanted, VANILLA, is on sale for about 1/2 price! Nordstrom has this sneaker too, with some reduced in price, but they don't carry this color.

DH and I have started considering a tropical vaca this winter and I decided I wanted some light colored sneakers so I ordered these. The fit is just right and I love the color. I believe Angie has this color too in her "family" of ecco sneakers and described the color as not at all pink, more of a nude or very pale tan.....which is exactly right.

If we don't do a trip, and if I decide I don't like these next spring/summer, I can always return them thanks to Zappos generous return policy. I suspect I won't wear them through the winter at home but who knows?

I become a HUGE fan of ECCO sneakers - so perfect for my feet.