The Franco Sarto Jolette penny loafer has been a favorite here on YLF in the last year or so, and with good reason. I think Angie has four pairs! I have them in black suede and wore them quite a bit last fall and winter. Very comfortable, classic yet modern. However, for my feet, they don't provide quite enough sole cushioning for all-day wear. I may get another pair for fall and if I do I'll size up so I can add a cushioned insert. I've done this successfully with another pair of FS loafers.

Meantime I found these Earth Maslo red loafers that have that additional cushioning, and were comfortable for a long day of wear right out of the box, feet VERY HAPPY! The white sole of the Maslo makes them perhaps a little more sporty/casual than the Jolette. The leather is quite soft, and I've worn them with and without sheer nylon knee-highs, with no rubbing or blisters. I only wish they came in a non-perforated style because the perforations do make them chilly to wear once the weather gets cold. I'll be looking at NAS and later on to see if Earth comes out with a non-perforated model.

The finds:

the black Jolette and red Maslo are the ones I have.

The two finds for the Jolette in silver have Angie's top pick descriptions (click on the "i" in the lower left corner) - worth a read if you haven't seen them already