What a great skirt! I really like 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9.

I like all the new tops with the skirt. I like the sleeves on the looser tops, and it works perfectly with a more fitted top also. I hope you decide to keep this skirt now. You have some fab ways to wear it!

Great! Lesson learned, always try the whole outfit, shoes on included, as it DOES MATTER a lot!:-) My fave is nr 8 +you could try a white top with the same shoes.

I really think you’ve got multiple good options here, depending on your mood! I prefer the versions with simpler tops but they all work.

I like it with the black top. The white one still has too much going on with the sleeves in my opinion, the sleeves should be fitted too.

What Jonesy said More love for the second batch.

I like 3, 7, 8 and 9. The more fitted tops.

Cute skirt . I think it is begging for a red knit top. Looking at your photos, it may feel best with a top worn out or semi tucked

I like 6 through 9! Especially 6, with the simplicity of the white tee. I also think it would be fab with a red top in a silhouette similar to any of the last ones here. Or a red cotton poplin collared blouse.