LTS, I suspect that the quest for the perfect velvet jacket may become an epic tale of raised expectations and dashed hopes.

Shevia, thanks. Actually, I got some more loot today! I got some floral lace patterned tights. This was suggested by Jussie.

Brooklyn, I think you are carefully curating a distinctive slightly theatrical personal style, rather than creating a series of costumes, and I’m of the opinion that this attention to detail is a great avenue for honing your sense of judgement across multiple disciplines.

I’m requesting the info on that cotton lace camisole. That sounds really useful across a wide range of personal styles.

I just returned the Caslon Lace Yoke Tank, because the medium was enormous through the striped part, though perfectly normal through the neck and armholes. I was torn about returning it because the wagon wheel lace pattern is very versatile, and a higher crew neck lace neckline is not easy to find.

How can pearls not be essential

This is fantastic! I think it would be hard to take on a style persona like this without veering into 'costume-y' ... but you are executing it with subtle style perfection!!!

Thanks TG!

Angie, I am late to the pearl party, but I agree!

3style, thanks. The cami I bought is by Kayser, which is an Australian brand. I am sorry I can't be more helpful. But it has a high squared off neckline which I think works well under a V neck top. Not as high as a crew neck or the one that Gryffin recommended. The lower cut style that follows the bra line is much easier to find.

Brooklyn- I do think you’d be a Small in arianne. I’m 5’3”” 112. 34a usually a 4-6. Fitted like Camis are but not tight. Did you keep the JP blazer? That would fit right in. There’s an old west gunslinger aesthetic about it. Also check out E’s old posts. A small corsage of silk flowers as a broach would be lovely. This is so much my shadow style. I’m having an incredible time watching!! Major ren faire/steampunk side to my aesthetic. There’s another arianne cami I will try and post. Square neck. Corset seams. Heavier jacquard fabric. I will see if I can find it. Also the scoop neck cami - look at the back. I will wear it back to front so lace boatneck. That’s a nice piece too and they are cheap for the style and quality.

Thanks Gryffin. I like the high neckline on that cami. I am small busted but big shouldered. I might size up because camis are generally tight. I did keep the JP blazer and was thinking the same thing about the Wild West vibe today! Thanks for your input. This is fun!

I have the square neck. I just ordered the second with kind of the heart shaped neckline.

Thanks Gryffin. I like this brand! The one I just got has a square neck like the one on the right but is not as structured and substantial. I like yours better!

Thanks for the update, shaping up really nicely! Love seeing the plan in action right away. Great idea on the brooches and little bag charms; plus they'll add some extra maximal and interesting textures. Thanks for reminding me that I also have a pair of black studded fingerless leather gloves (they really are prettier than they sound!). And smart to hold out for the right velvet coat/jacket. That will be a big impact piece.

I love this. I always want to look a bit like a witch when it starts to get cold. This woman is my inspiration usually:

I can see you have a little more romance and a little less goth, but allt he same, very cool.

Oh wow, so interesting to see your style veer off a little. Thanks for your update.

Thanks JAileen, I do see it at just a slight shift in my style. Which is just as well because I can use a lot of what I already have.

kwood, thanks. I checked that out. I really love gothic style too. I often wish I had really dark (lustrous!) hair so that I could carry it off better. I wont be going all black like that but I will enjoy looking at her outfits for inspiration.

Aida, thanks for chiming in. It is so good to have you back on the forum.