Hi friends, just a quick post to say hello and let you know about my wardrobe plans for the next couple of months. Without making a long story of it, we've had another loss in our very close family recently. Additionally, the next few months are packed with busy-ness, emotional events and generally not much free or relaxed time (except for a little March Break jaunt down south which is sorely needed!). So, I've decided to take the cue from the Universe and do a Project 333 - these challenges are super-fun for me (not for everyone, I know! Nor would I want or expect it to be) and simplification is the ultimate stress relief (again, for me).

If you are interested in the capsule, I've created a collection - it's very neutral, should cover the seasonal transition happening (for the most part), and I'm taking a relaxed approach which says that breaking the rules is mandatory if it becomes stressful or impractical - the whole point is to take away the stress of dressing, not add to it! (I've details them out for myself a bit further in the notes of the collection).

I know for sure I will need to wear a black dress pant one day, but I've not included it here because I will need to shop for it. Thinking something a bit wider, but not too statement-y.

May be a bit scarce but will definitely be following the blog and posts as much as I can - always love seeing what everyone is up to and soaking up the positive YLF vibes.

Love you all! xx Helena