Hi everyone. This past week has not been one of my more successful weeks. I had a serious of meetings that threw my entire schedule off. I didn't make it to the gym one single time. I didn't shop or buy anything!!

My diet plan was to eat whatever I could when I could. I didn't shop or buy anything unless you count junk food and take-out food.

I seemed to be really whiny, short-tempered, and just plain out of sorts. The only times I showed any type of maturity was in meetings when other adults were present. I didn't shop or buy anything!!

But I did find time to browse the Finds Section of YLF. I adore that Section. I collected tons of Finds. I kept thinking after my purchasing fast, I'm going to buy THAT and THAT. Again, all impulse, no plan whatsoever.

After a few days in Finds, I lost all interest and uncollected them. Had I actually purchased them, would I have lost interest just as fast? Is that why so many of my impulse buys fail me in the long run?

So I am wondering if sales aren't the problem so much as impulsivity. Can the brain be re-trained to avoid impulsivity? That doesn't seem so much as a habit as a personality trait.

I haven't had time to start working on my "wardrobe plan" yet. January has been unusually busy with other things.