Suntiger these are my transitional weather work shoes, my favourites are are shoes with matching scarf. The t-bar style is great for staying on the foot.

I am laughing uproariously about the idea of keeping D'Orsay flats on the foot. You must be joking! That style is the least likely to stay on. My toes would be terribly cramped all day from having to hold them on.

I love the style and was really thrilled with it when it came out. But could not wear.

Footwear is about as difficult to fit as bras, it seems, and our needs/ issues are equally diverse! It's amazing any of us ever find shoes that fit....

Have a virtual resource fair to do in a few minutes, but managed to get a few tossed into Finds!
Thinking I really need to narrow down a little transitional capsule-instead of the hodgepodge "everything except heavy puffers and bikinis are fair game" that I usually do!

Really? I guess everyone is different but for me I have an Eileen Fisher pair of D'orsay block heels that stay on well without a strap (& I rarely wear heels!) and another style of D'orsay orange suede flats with an ankle strap for work (so long as I make sure I put them on with my feet parallel to the ground, the straps won't rub against my heels). Also some FitFlop gold D'orsay flatforms that fill the gap of more casual transitional footwear (no strap either but the soft material moulds to make sure they stay on with or without socks).

My shoe needs may be different though - D'orsay works better for me because it leaves room for my fairly high instep (swells with wear) with medium arches, & slightly longer than average toes with a wide toebox but narrower heel & ankles.

Edit: The rest of my shoes are either boots or sandals (one pair of slip-on plimsolls), so unfortunately my small shoe wardrobe doesn't have any other examples of transitional footwear to give, sorry

Zaeobi, yes, this is just what I mean. You just never know! I know that style must work well for some, or else how could they sell it? Loafers apparently work well for lots of people, too -- and ballet flats...sigh.....

Anyway, I'm glad they work on you and I will keep trying them on in the hope I find a pair that work. Every once in a blue moon I find a flat that works, or a low vamp pump. It feels like a miracle when it happens.

Just came across these
There are a couple varieties

ETA did you see the Bzees that Susieque posted on epgal’s thread? Might be too casual, or might work for you.

I barely have transitional shoes that aren't sneakers anymore, but here is my current collection. And actually the copper Free People ones do qualify as sandals to me, since they are open-toe.

Three pairs of oxfords, which stay on my feet because they tie up. They're all old and not frequently worn, but I love them and they seem pretty timeless for my style so I keep 'em and enjoy on the rare occasions they see wear.

The Free People pink ones are surprisingly comfortable and a total wild card for me since I'm not a pink person. They make that style in lots of different colors so it may be worth a try. Different colors are different fabrications, and I don't think comfort is exactly the same among them, so it may be a good idea to try a couple if they appeal to you.

The black Free People wrap ankle flats are also very comfortable and have a little ventilation thanks to the open back. I wonder if a style like this may work for you.

@Suz Ah yes, I can't do ballet flats either. Loafers only if the vamp is high enough to accommodate my instep. In that case, if a pair of flats DON'T fit me for whatever reason, maybe that should be your cue to try them instead Speaking of which...

@Janet Those Free People copper/ pink ones are a really comfy-looking take on the D'orsay style! Somewhere between a bootie & a shoe? A D'orsay shootie! What are your feet needs like (arch etc)?

I like the FPs a lot, but they seem to be gone now. Not sure they'd work on my skinny heels anyway.

Dorsays scare me! I bought some a few years ago and never got such blisters from a very short walk.

Sandal booties worked for me, but I passed on my last ones cause the heel and platform were too high and felt dated. There are some Pikolinos in my finds that are in the running though.

Clogs look too heavy on the foot for me. I had a pair and passed them on.

The floral shoes are pretty, but I realized I don't like my shoes to be a focal point. It's always the black, cognac, burgundy shoes that are the workhorses. Floral shoes I've had in the past got passed on with very little wear.

I think the trouble with the mustard mules is they're ok with bare legs, but too contrasting with pants. And if my legs are bare, I choose sandals.

More covered sandals have often been my solution- like the tan open toe mules.

Oxfords just read as too masculine on me, even with a heel, and I hate tying shoes. Prefer loafers, as long as they're minimalist (not penny loafers or such).

Otoh- Mary Janes and ballet flats with bows feel too girly/Ingenue. I feel very in between on that spectrum!

The Rothys, or similar, are the most likely candidates to try first. Someone said they have 4A heels and was able to wear them.

Suntiger, I have skinny heels so maybe try them if you can find some!

Zaeobi, my feet are slightly on the narrow side of average, slightly low volume, with narrow heels that slip out of nearly every pump or flat that I try. Even sneakers have become problematic. I think my arches are moderate.

Eta the FP store site itself has them, but the cognac ones seem to be gone. The chocolate is nice though!

In my experience, clients size down in d'orsays.

That makes sense- they still scare me though!

I don't wear them either. I am soooo set in my ways with shoes.....

Cute though!

I’m set in my ways with shoes, too. My bad feet & knees call the shots.

Sooo I double checked &, whilst my FitFlop shoes are *technically* D'orsay style (that's what they call them officially), you'll see that they do actually join in the middle (so they aren't *completely* separated panels). I suspect this is what makes them more comfortable & versatile than the average D'orsay flat. Mine have this white sole but you can see there's also an all black style they do (the version I've seen in shops here doesn't have that perforated upper & has a slightly more pointed toe, so that model might work better for your rainy climate?)

Google shows this shoe is available in black, tan (like a mid brown - not sure if that's the cognac you want?), gold, blush & burgundy. I won't attach a link (since I doubt my Hong Kong sources will be of any use to you lol) but it seems they sell a lot of different variants of this same shoe: 'Fitflop Superskate tassel D'orsay leather loafers'.

Hope that helps! I can personally vouch for how comfy they are (the flatform doesn't feel wobbly & the leather moulds well enough to be worn with or without socks without issue).

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So I wore the mustard mules yesterday- outfit in Finds. They aren't uncomfortable, but just too "out there" with dark bottoms. It may be a thing to have shoes that "don't match but go" but it's inauthentic to me. If it had been warm enough to go without the sweater it would have been a bit better. Current color in photo- as you see not much improvement.

Then I went in DSW and tried Every Single Pair (maybe not every but at least 20) of black flat and low heeled shoes. Ballet flats, loafers, espadrilles, you name it. None were even close to not slipping off my heels, it was laughable. I really appreciated my one off mules after that experience!

I told DH that when our ship comes in, I want my own shoemaker/cobbler.
Thank God full time sandal season is nearly here!

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