We all know those lists that suggest the top 10 items every woman must have in their wardrobe ( although Nina Garcia wrote a book on the top 100.....and don’t get me started on that book)

I have just started reading Anuschka Rees’ “ The Curated Closet”.
It looks like the author is not a fan of those lists of wardrobe essentials.
She says “ style typologies and lists of wardrobe essentials are to style seekers what fad diets are to people who want to lose a few pounds.”
She sees it as a quick fix and stifling “creative impulses “. Wow.

I always saw these lists as a jumping off point and a way to make it your own . For example they all list the LBD but since I look better in blue I substituted A little navy dress where my SIL goes for the Little brown dress. The suggestion of a blazer is that a suggestion- if jeans jacket is your cup of tea- go for it.

So tell me
- are you pro OR con the “essential wardrobe list”?
-Is it too cookie cutter and a killer of creativity OR do you use it as a tool- a place to start wardrobe organization ?
- do you like the standard list or do you have your own top 10?
- how have you made the list of essentials your own?

Will post book review #3 on “the Curated Closet “ at a future date when I finish the book.