In two weeks I'll be giving my third in-person presentation in a month. This is not typical -- these days, most projects end with a report, although occasionally clients will ask for phone presentations (I did one of those last week also). But in January I presented at two conferences, and then coming up I have a big presentation in Feb. And that's where I can use your help.

This presentation is very different: both intimate and very high visibility. It's going to be a very small meeting -- fewer than 10 people -- and will take place at a strategic meeting at a resort. Two of the people will be the CEOs of the two companies who are working on a joint venture that I led some research to explore (and I am presenting the results of the research). The clients I traveled with for the research dressed, for the most part, in very sharp business casual. (This is the country music industry -- laid back, southern but very respectable.) One man in impeccable denim, modern black oxfords, and a pressed blue button down. (No tie). A woman in pants and booties, a knit top, long vest, statement jewelry. I'm assuming business casual will be the dress code especially because of the setting.

I don't necessarily think of myself as having the sharpness that I think this event will require, but I also don't want to appear too stiff. I had originally planned on wearing a dress but given the small group, I am now not sure. And what to do with my legs? Knowing my style, what kind of outfit would you suggest? (Just throwing a few items from my wardrobe below - don't feel limited to these.)