Recent threads about wardrobe numbers and uniforms have had me pondering-- both Deborah and Claire brought up the idea of a work uniform, and a recent thread by Cecilia got be thinking about numbers of items for work wardrobes.

After pondering Claire's suggestion (as the master of small wardrobes she is) I decided I DO care about looking like myself at work. I spend 11-15 hours a day, 5 days a week in my work clothes because of the long hours combined with my commute-- after work I'm either running errands in my work clothes, eating out in my work clothes, or at home changing to cook or lounge. Also, because I work Tue-Sat almost all of the events and gallery openings I go to are after work. While I don't mind bringing slacks to replace jeans in an outfit, because I'm already living out of a suitcase it is a bit much to change the whole outfit just to look more me and presentable after work.

Weekend clothing is equally important to me--- I definitely need 2-3 outfits that were made for sitting on the couch and then running errands with the boy and several outfits that are otherwise a bit more special for the many BBQs, casual parties and bar nights that the SOs co-workers and friends like to throw. Plus I need something for his Christmas party. The rest of my time is usually spent in gear, loungewear, or on short trips which I usually try to mix gear with my work wardrobe (casual button down over tee with my cargo pants for a day of shooting photos in the mountains then dinner out).

So, the age old question is-- how much is enough?

This is a major building year for me, but I don't want to overdo it. I currently own a pink french cuff button front and a black one, but they are better for occasional work wear than everyday-- I also have a ponte pencil skirt, the lemming Spiegel jacket, grey wool slacks, and black trousers, plus bootcut and straight leg denim. I have a jean jacket and a army jacket and have a grey knit hoodie on order, and have layering tees in oatmeal, black, and navy, a black poly t-shirt blouse, the navy scarf print, and a mock neck drapey knit black top.

I also fell in love with the scarf pictured below.

So, top-wise what do I add?

I figure the Unliquo merino layer would be great to winterize my black poly tee.
The navy Old Navy cardigan for wearing with the drapey navy scarf blouse I already own.
I have the Nordies cardi on order in orange, which is my favorite color-- but I wonder if purple would be better.
I love the color of the purple cashmere (my glasses are smokey grey and purple) but I wonder how it will wear with my lifestyle.
I am definitely adding 1-2 flannels this season-- the colors on this would be good for work.
I want at least 1 tunic since I bought my first slim jeans and am contemplating ponte-- but don't know about wearing with bootcuts or my wide-leg dress slacks.
I could see the navy AT with my grey wool slacks for openings, or with jeans.
The black AT sweater would look great with the scarf I am in love with or with my black items for gallery openings.
The sweatshirt is uber practical for my work but looks dressed up enough to get by and the tencel shirt should wash well and make a good transition piece.

The olive hoodie could go to work under my leather jacket, but would likely be one of my key weekend pieces, along with a flannel and a thermal layer + my favorite metallica tee.

That said, there will still be workdays where I want to wear my l/s tees with the grey hoodie and a jacket to pass dress code, then take everything but the tee or hoodie off for dirty jobs.

I originally thought I wanted a drapey turtleneck, but wonder if my black blouse fills that hole. I'm wondering if by chosing mostly sweaters I'm putting myself in a situation where I won't have enough transitional tops in spring with only 3-4 blouses.

I'm also thinking about how I originally planned the season in charcoal, navy, and black with a few green, deep red, and orange pieces. Is my orange cardi out of place? I don't have any deep red on the list? Do I have too much purple? What about cobalt blue? -- the SO likes me in Cobalt and green and purple. I'm also aware that I have a purple-colored awareness even, a red-colored awareness event, and 2 blue awareness events each year (the blues are different--- red is a personal cause, blues are for the SO, and purple I fundraise for).

Advice on shopping the season?