I haven't really participated in many challenges. My current wardrobe focus has been on accessories, coats and shoes. I am trying to wear a different pair of shoes every day of the week, regardless of outdoor temperatures. I believe I have enough shoes in every category to make this work. Outfit creation can start from the shoes and progress upwards. It's not my usual way, but I think it can be fun. In doing this I am also hoping to figure out which if any of my shoes to purge. Anything that creates discomfort by the end of one days wear goes into the giveaway bin.

A second part of this challenge has been to incorporate at least one or two of the pieces of jewelry that belonged to my aunt.

The third part of the challenge is to prepare in advance enough outfits so I am not scrambling to pick out clothes and accessories in the morning before work.

Finally, I need to do better about taking pics of WIW, and tracking my comfort and happiness with each outfit.

Carter, if you're still reading, my lifestyle is similar to yours....We split our time every week between city and a small coastal town. I'm doing the opposite of you, I pack selected clothes each time we go to the smaller town. My wardrobe resides in the city. I was getting bored not having more options. So each week I pack based on weather, social activities, hikes, etc. Some basics are in both houses, but most I bring specially for that stay. So right now I'm doing early fall in both places. Especially my shoes need to go back and forth. Just a different way of accomplishing the same goal.

CC, it's great to see you! That's really interesting that you prefer to keep all your clothes in what I assume is your primary home and pack a suitcase every week to go to your second home. I have been passionately and firmly committed to having a "complete" home at the beach. Maybe it's because this is brand new to me? I wonder if my thoughts on this will change over time. Assuming my washer and dryer arrive soon, I'm looking forward to putting this into action to see if it really makes sense to me or not. Thanks for the food for thought!

El Cee, thank you for starting this thread. My wardrobe needs so much work that it is hard to know where to begin. My first mini-challenge needs to be to create casual and smart casual outfits with layers that can adapt to chilly and warm temperatures during the day with a minimum of fuss.
It has been fun and useful to read everyone's challenges. They give me ideas.

What a great thread. i loved reading about all the challenges.
Carter I need capsule wardrobes for my holiday too. I have limited space as we rent our top part of the house out during winter (and this year until Feb ) to students so I have to cram all my stuff into a small space. So my goal is to be better at organising my stuff into smaller space.
Sally, a great idea about lipstick and accessories. When i put my scarves away at the end of spring, I'm going to bring out my necklaces and use them like I used my scarves this year. I dont wear lipstick...but i might start. I'm going to update my makeup these school holidays.

My personal challenge is to do more copycats. it really challenges me to step up my style and not be boring. So I'm going to do a copycat each day in my two week holiday in preparation for the spring /summer. I am also going to look at different ways to use items. I like what someone said about a signature item(in another thread I think) ....I have some new items like my capri pants and striped skirts. I'm going to do copy cats around them and see if I can come up with different looks.

Staysfit -- You have taken on some interesting challenges. I love your idea of wearing a different pair of shoes each day of the week. I also think that creating outfits from the feet up is a brilliant method for assessing your shoe wardrobe. And it seems that a lot of us are in the "advance outfit preparation" mode these days -- I think this is a very wise strategy. It is really beautiful that you are including your aunt's jewelry in your daily outfits -- a very special way of honoring her memory.

Classically Casual -- Sounds like your method works very well for you and gives you the variety you crave. I imagine it could be fun planning what to wear for each of your coastal getaways.

Joy -- Sounds as if you and I are in the same "transitional weather" mode. (Mornings here require almost an entirely different outfit.) Layering is key but can be very tricky. You are smart to create your daily outfit with this in mind. I am sure that makes your ensemble much more cohesive. I sometimes feel I look "thrown together" this time of year.

Sally -- I am enjoying your "pin-spired" copycat threads. I often like your outfit even better than the inspiration photo.

My challenge for Autumn: wear dresses and skirts rather than pants. Not easy!

Due to my climate and to the fact that I run cold I wear mostly pants through Autumn-Winter-Spring. This Spring I suddenly realized that I was fed up with pants and decided, from now on, more dresses! During Summer it has been easy. In Autumn ... we will see. I have to figure out how to stay warm in a dress.

Sisi - Your challenge is exactly what I was going to post. I have numerous skirts and dresses in my closet - but I haven't been wearing them. So for week 1, I am going to wear them.

I love this thread. I will have to think about this because I really want to challenge myself and my wardrobe. Some great ideas here. I like your "copycat" idea Sally, maybe that is the direction I need to go. It could help me start thinking outside the box and explore my options better than I currently do.

I just have to comment, Carter, the beach pics look gorgeous! Like a park! I also like your way of displaying your wardrobe, so easy to see what you have that way.

Oh, Kimlee, how nice! I am curious to see your outfits. I will only describe mine, because I am not yet confident to post my pictures on the internet. Maybe some day ....

I'm cheating a little bit. I am leaving tomorrow morning for a conference, that needs a ton of changes of clothes, and always throws me a curve ball. One year the weather did something totally not forecast and was unseasonably hot. One year I sprained my ankle and had to rethink my outfits to go with flats and a nice bandage. One year I got a blister from too much walking on day 0 and that put a pair of good (dressy) shoes out of the running. That kind of thing. Not to mention you never know about AC! So my challenge is to put together a great capsule for this. Which I've pretty much already done, thus the cheating. But I have been taking it relatively seriously in thinking about it over the past few days.

My needs:
Day 1: Travel, Shopping (and meeting Carla for lunch!), Meeting, Going out for drinks
Day 2: Meeting, afternoon free, dinner and ... out for drinks
Day 3: Morning free, touring, reception, out for drinks (can you sense a theme here?)
Day 4: Conference, conference event in evening
Day 5: Conference, tour of bicycle infrastructure (on bicycle) various supplier receptions in the evening
Day 6: Conference (at which I'm presenting, so need to step it up a notch), banquet
Day 7: Travel

And this is what I've come up with. In order. With a couple of extra outfits thrown in... remixing of what I have, and a couple of extra tops.

Still to decide between denim and leather jackets (leaning towards leather as the weather forecast is good) and which pair of black shoes (leaning to both as one I want for style, the other is fab for lots of walking)

Pic 1, the outfits... Pic 2 the pieces. I hope these show up big enough to see.

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So many fabulous challenges here... very inspiring.

Sisi & Kimlee -- Great minds think alike! Love your thoughts about a dress/skirt challenge and will be interested to see how it works out for both of you. As my default always seems to be jeans/pants, I should really consider this type of personal challenge down the road.

RobinF -- I too like Sally's Copycat/Pinterest challenge. You are right that it can help us to think outside the box. It might be a really fun way to mix things up a bit.

ElizabethP -- Beautiful travel capsule! (I love the color scheme.) Not only is it lovely and stylish, but it seems so very versatile and practical as it takes into account all your potential events and needs. Kudos! And, no, it is not cheating. This is an ongoing challenge and you are now simply moving from the planning phase to the implementation phase. Wishing you safe travels, a successful conference and much fun with Carla.

It's been fun to read all of your challenges and gives me some ideas for my own. My challenge will be to really wear all of my new items as well as a few older favorites (rather than saving them for some occasion that never happens!). "Saving" has been a problem for me in the past, but I now realize it's just a waste of those nice clothes when they hang in the closet, unworn.

I'm very tempted to buy or make some sort of rack for my bedroom where I can hang my fall "capsule". I really want to be inspired by those moodier, earthier tones and not have them intermixed with everything else in my closet. Of course, I may need a bigger bedroom in order for this to happen!

Kerlyn -- Terrific challenge! I have been so guilty of that "saving" thing. You are right that it is a waste to let loved items hang in the closet unworn. I also like your idea of having a special dedicated spot (rack) for your fall capsule. I would be interested to hear what you decide to do on that subject.

I had some time today (stuck in a waiting room) and went through some old wardrobe notes on my phone. There I discovered that this time last year, I had set myself a challenge to wear as many of my blazers as possible (since I have about a 3 week window of appropriate weather).

A reminder to start doing the same this fall (though I'm not counting it as a challenge). Coincidentally, today I am wearing my Michael Kors glen check (thrifted) blazer, for only the second or third time. If the rain stays away (fat chance) I'll see what else I can come up with.

Late to the party, as usual.

Circumstance dictates my big seasonal challenge: time to swap everything out (launder, dry clean, purge and store summer items; unearth winter wardrobe, cull again, donate, deliver to consignment, and replace in drawers and tiny closet). I'll check in with progress, but I want a fun mini-challenge, so (borrowing shamelessly from Carter and Sterling) I'm challenging myself to create ten high-happiness WAH ensembles from my casual and smart casual capsules.

Yay Cerinda!! Your comment on the other thread made my entire day!!!! Someone understood me!!!!!!!

Terrific mini-challenge Cerinda! Sounds like it will be fun. We will be anxious to hear what ensembles you create.