Thanks Chris987 -- I myself am not sure it is possible .... especially given the upcoming Holiday shopping. I will be at the mall quite a bit during November preparing for the Holidays. Nonetheless, it is a goal to shot for.

Staysfit -- I understand why you weren't able to play with your wardrobe. How is the foot/ankle doing? Any improvement? I think planning for 2017 is a fabulous idea. I can't say that I have any wardrobe goals right now.

Karie -- let me know how your evaluation of closet churn goes. I am interested in how you plan on evaluating it. I considered running the numbers, but I didn't think that told the whole story and would be misleading.

Hope you are feeling better, El Cee.

Sterling that is funny. Long time residents of Hamilton are very proud of their city but I doubt if it makes anybody's bucket list.

Just an update: The flowy FP tunic I pictured didn't work at all. It was HUGE. I even ordered down a size but it was like a very big dress, past my knees. Funny at best. The other top hasn't arrived yet.

I did make progress in the jeans quest. I found a pair I already own! Do you ever lose an item in the darkness of your closet? I need better lighting.

Hi Texstyle. I don't so much lose my clothes as I forget I own them. I transition my wardrobe seasonally and those items tucked away in bins are so easily forgotten for me. Like they never even existed.

And StyleFan. I gotta believe that Hamilton, the city, is great. It just never occurred to me to think "city" because I have Hamilton the Broadway Show on my brain. I am planning on buying the mixed tape on December 2nd and an early Christmas present to myself. YAY. Christmas is here!!!!!

Me again. Sorry if I am hogging the thread. I have been introspective lately.

I quite by accident hit upon the primary reason for my wardrobe churn. Since understanding the reason for my wardrobe churn was my goal for the week, I thought I would return to share ... just in case this is helpful to others.

Wardrobe churn was explored on Zoiechic's thread:

I wanted to come back to this because I have been pondering Suz's plan versus my lack of plan. I remain convinced it is my lack of a plan that leads to wardrobe churn.

I'm planner by nature, how can I not have a plan for wardrobe shopping? It makes absolutely no sense. THEN it occurred to me. I am a sales shopper. I shop the sales and buy depending on what I find and how good the price is. Thus, no plan and lots of churn. MUST STOP SHOPPING SALES. They are not the margins I thought they were.

So as I mentioned above in this thread, I am implementing a shopping fast from now until January 2, 2017. I am also going to evaluate my sales shopping strategies. Obviously they have not served me well.

@Sterling. What a great realization! I just wanted to chime in and say that planning and shopping sales aren't mutually exclusive. But the planning has to trump the sale when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

I have a very small clothing budget and shop sales and clearance exclusively. But I don't buy simply because an item is on sale. I just view the sales and clearance section as the "store within a store" that I'm shopping in, and subject my buys to the same scrutiny I would if I were buying full price.

Good advice, Liz. I could learn to shop sales as a "store within a store." I will just have to avoid sales for sale's sake and get over the "it is such a great buy, I had to buy it, didn't I?"