Hi Angie (my name is Angie, too!) I'm new here so I hope I'm doing this right. I desperately need some guidance with my wardrobe. I'll try to keep my question as short as possible. I'm a new Pastor's wife (also homeschooling mom of 5), 36 years old, 5' 4" with a full curvy hourglass shape (size 14 with full bust). I don't wear pants (ever) and my dresses and skirts must be below the knee. My tops also must show no cleavage. Our income does not allow us to buy much, so we go to Goodwill or thrift shops when we need something. I've always been very fashionable and trendy, but now that i'm a Pastor's wife I want to be appropriate, respectable, CLASSY, and timeless. What are some KEY important pieces that you think I should look for when I thrift, (or shop in a regular store if given the opportunity) with clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry??? Also, I am such a vintage/junky lover when it comes to costume jewelry...(I love etsy!!!)...is that an ok look for me in this ministry and as I age? Sometimes I feel like I might be over the top and crazy looking now - that what looked cute and stylish as a regular mom may not be so cute as a Pastor's wife. Does that make sense? I really hope you can help me, I feel so lost here. Thank you SO MUCH for any advice! ~ShabbyChick