I will try the items together. Once the boots arrive, hopefully in the next day or so, I can show what they look like together.

I am not usually a pattern mixer so the boots are a bit of an interesting experiment for me... but I admired them and needed to tell my mom she could help me buy something for my birthday (I ordered sooner for fear it will run out; the big day is next month). She usually complains that I don't wait to let other people buy me stuff I want. Anyway, I do love me some plaid.

I bet these items will be great for you as well, JAileen. I'm glad we can be coat twins, at least

Christina, please post a picture! I’m not positive I’m a Doc Marten person, so that’s why I haven't ordered the boots. Not because of the plaid mix. Also, I’ve been ordering and returning stuff left, right and center.

The coat looks great! I love the Doc Martens as well. I am contemplating a purchase of a pair of Doc Martens for this winter, but I am also wondering if I would be a Doc Martens person and if I would wear them enough. I am thinking about a black patent leather pair, but this plaid one is very tempting.

Katerina, I completely love the plaid, but I have to think about whether I am a Doc Martens person.

Christina, my mother gave me some money for my birthday, and I could put it towards the boots. I’m still mulling it over.

I took pictures with both items but the lighting in my house is too poor. I hope this gives an idea, though!

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Christina, they look cute! It helps that you don’t have big feet.

Thanks! I need to further test the comfort level though, with thick socks. I think they may be too tight in the smaller size, which would leave me out of them entirely. Happy with the coat though!

My coat shipped yesterday!

I've been out of town with no internet (Yellowstone) so I missed this. I want that coat (in a petite)!!!!! Can't wait to see it.

And completely off topic, but did you go to the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit? Saw the sign at the airport yesterday and I really want to go.

Karen, I did go to the exhibit. We went to the Georgia O’Keefe museum in Santa Fe this spring. This exhibit was nearly as big, and had maybe 10-12 outfits of hers. The museum in Santa Fe didn’t have any clothes of hers. The clothes were very high quality. It was hard to tell how tall she had been, but she had big feet!

Christina - WOW!! I love the coat and boots together. I love Dr Marten boots though and black watch tartan - you guys are making me wish we were going into winter again with this post!

Yes. Yes to the coat, yes to the boots, yes to wearing them together. It's a little bit punk, a little bit eclectic, a little bit classic, and I really like it