It's good to be prepared, as you always are, Suz. You'll have a GREAT time.

Lucky take the helicopter tour if they're still doing it at Grand Canyon!

I've been to Phoenix, Sedona, Grand Canyon but in May and February, not November. If you get a chance to do a day or two in Sedona, I highly recommend. One of my favorite places on this earth.

Phoenix will be hot, but cool at night. Think California. Layers. That for me was also the business portion and yes remember the AC!

Sedona & Grand Canyon can get a lot crisper. And are much more casual. Gear is fine for this leg of the trip. Indispensables for me were patagonia packable puffer with hood, packable puffer vest, fleece leggings (often layered under gear tights for hiking). Long sleeve gear top, long sleeve fleece top. Jeans and merino wool sweaters. I brought a dress and never wore it. A hat. Scarf.

And depending on where you are staying -- a swim suit. We stayed at a resort that had heated pools all throughout. It rained a lot but we hit the pool every night, nice after a day of hiking. Had the pool to ourselves. Got to watch the stars from the pool. I used a fleece circle cardigan as cover up to dash between pool and hotel room and/or a packable patagoina rain coat (on the night it was raining really hard).

Do the pink jeep tour! Sounds corny but we loved it.

When we went to the Grand Canyon it was pretty cold. The wind. It was lovely though, but I layered everything for it. We walked down the canyon as far as we could go -- initial trails were muddy. Then we hit ice and turned around. Got back up top in time to drive around getting in and out of our car to watch the sunset from various points.

If you are driving back from Grand Canyon to Sedona at night, watch out for the ghost. We almost ran over her, went to the police about a "wondering woman in her nightgown." Found out later she was a local ghost.

Lots of advice here already Suz but I thought I would weigh in. Sedona is one of my favourite places. We were there in 1995. We stayed at the Sky Ranch. We did lots of hiking. Also, hiked down Grand Canyon.
Have a great time.