They also tend to last me several years. I have one pair of classic Ray Bans from the late 1980's that are still retro and fun (and close enough to my current prescription).

Note to folks from outside the US: my European friends find prescription glasses much cheaper in the US. Many stores have an optometrist on site to write you a prescription (around $60 or so?) and have one-hour services for basic eyeglasses. Just something to think about if you will be visiting.

I also know some people order prescription glasses from Asia, but I have no experience with that.

I love my prescription sunglasses. I am very blind without mine and I need them to drive, etc. I would be lost without them.

Wow, thanks for all the input! Seems like most people love having them and the good definitely outweighs the bad.

In my case there's a bit of sensitivity, so it would certainly do my eyes some good. I've had normal sunglasses once and loved how pleasant it was when I wore them, mostly on the beach. But I couldn't wear them for a longer time, because I can't go without specs for too long.

I don't have a car for now because free public transport is included in my student fees, but I drive a lot when I'm at home.

My prescription is +2.0, not too bad. I think I could go some places and ask how much it would be. Although I really can't pay the same I paid for my normal specs, so no designer frames this time.

Have used prescription sunglasses and Transitions glasses. Although Transition glasses are more convenient, personally speaking, I love prescription sunglasses because of their darker lenses and lower prices. My prescription glasses ordered from Zenni Optical are less than $20. They work very well when I am outside.

I realize this post is a couple years old, but for anyone thinking about getting prescription sunglasses I would say, get them! My regular glasses have Transition lenses, but when going on long drives I use my prescription sunglasses since the Transitions don't darken too well in the car. You can purchase a pair from places like Zenni Optical or EyeBuyDirect for a very reasonable price.