Angie's post came right after I did an pencil skirt edit.
While I mostly wore pants at work, I did wear a collection of pencil skirts, not quite this relaxed, but with fluid tops and with flats, and mostly enjoyed with dark tights in winter.

I had actually looked through them a bit shortly after retirement but got pandemic blues and wasn't ready.

This go-round I have removed 5 skirts due to fit and being too short, even though I wear with tights. I wore fewer "neutrals" than depicted here and tended to dark florals that worked with dark tights and loafers or boots, or quite light skirts for summer so that could wear nude hose and tan or blush footwear and not look so severe and choppy.

Finds show 2 of the several skirts I am keeping for now. Pencil skirts are not, for me, "casual wear" for summer but still work for some winter roles and occasions as I see things now. But that may change to where I need none. The WHBM floral fits better than the ones I tossed and has about every color in my palette in it, so a host of top/topper options. The AT striped skit is the only surviving AT skirt--still shorter than I would like but might be lengthened when virus recedes--because... seersucker! Stripes! I also saved a BR black below knee pencil skirt I have never worn but the length and fit are looking better, so keeping for dressy capsule. And one or 2 others. Had to say goodbye to my beloved Tracy Reese lace skirt but am going to send to DD2 to try.

Not sure why I felt able to pull these out of the holding zone and feel definite about what to toss (truly) and what to keep (for now).