Deborah, those are definitely edgy, and I love the alternative to a traditional strand. It is much harder to find genuine pearls in jewelry like this, but I may have to start looking!

And Marilyn, while the look may not be edgy, I do appreciate seeing more casual, jeans looks with pearls. It is sometimes difficult for me to get over the idea that pearls are conservative or uptight and only to be worn Jackie-O style. My lifestyle is definitely more casual, so casual pearl looks are the most helpful for me.

I have a long string of black pearls that feel a bit edgy. I bought them at a bead show and strung them myself. They are real but large rather than dainty. I also did a sting of pearls mixed with uneven chunks of quartz which made the pearls look more earthy.

Wow, Joy, you know how to string your own pearls? That's a skill I'd love to have! I understand that there are sometimes gorgeous, unusual pearls at bead shows. I'd love to see pictures of them if you have any.

Echo, I'm away from home for a few weeks and did not bring the pearls, but it is a very economic way to acquire pearls.

I love pearls real or fake. I wear them in polished silver (not that silver beads are pearls but they put one in the mind of pearls), shades of gray, traditional white, chocolate brown I have a chocolate pearl and rose gold pendant I bought on my honeymoon in Hawaii that I wear very casually. I love long ropes of pearls, short chunky statement pieces and mixing different size beads. I just love the juxtaposition of pearls with more casual pieces like plaid flannel shirts. My new favorite "pearl" earrings have the traditional sized bead in the front and a huge marble sized bead in the back. I posted a pic below.

As far as working pearls into an UPW style that's a tough one for me simply because it doesn't mesh well with my personal style. If forced I would say that stainless or silver beads in different sizes paired with leather or some other exotic (real or faux) animal skin works for me. Alligator or eel anyone? ( I think I like that for myself!) What if the silver beads were oxidized and worn with a sour/citrus yellow with gray and black? I can also see a mix of chunky metal necklaces mixed with a few ropes of gray pearls with army green or a rich olive. I would also consider studs that have the shape and size of a pearl but maybe they aren't pearls. Consider a pearl-sized bright red bead, electric blue or neon green. (My bias for color is showing now).

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I wear pearls fairly often. My two favourite ways to wear them at the moment is a necklace wrapped around my wrist and fastened. One of mine wraps perfectly three times and looks great that way. The other way I like to wear them currently is three different sizes of pearls (large, medium and irregular shaped, and small) all in the same length and worn together. The different sizes make it look interesting and fresh. I generally wear this with jeans and maybe a tshirt or buttoned shirt, definitely the more edgy clothes that I have (not that I'm edgy at all, but what I mean is that I try to keep the look modern and contemporary rather than Queen Mum). You could try it with your three necklaces and see if they work together. Mine are all the same colour, whereas I don't think your are. I'm always on the lookout for fresh ways to wear them because I love them so much.
I can buy a strand of freshwater (irregularly shaped) pearls for $4 and up, depending on size, and then I string them myself, so it's economical. I don't knot them on thread as is traditional, I just put them on fine wire called tiger tail. It's quick and easy.

I forgot I made this recently;). My own Chanel DIY:). Another modern pearl look:)

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What I consider to be the "tough" in the photo I posted is the destroyed denim. IMO it is in contrast to the more lady like lace and pearls. A pair of dark wash jeans would give the outfit a whole different vibe.

Aziraphale.....I love destroyed denim but I would have to disagree that it is "normal denim". It's one of those things that women love or hate and many women find it to be a little too rough.

I have two strands of traditional pearls. I keep them because . . . well, one strand I was going to wear with my wedding dress and then wore flowers in Hawaii instead. The second strand was a gift.

I feel like I am already quite classic and a bit preppy, and these might push me into Mrs. Cleaver territory. Still, I can't quite part with them I figure they don't take much room, so that's okay.

Echo, try them with white or another low contrast color. Try darker ones with a tonal top. I think bright white pearls with a high contrast top can easily look frumpy.

I love pearls and wear them often. I usually wear them against my skin with an open neck shirt or sweater. I've noticed that when I try a longer string, they can look dated.

what about an all black outfit with a string of milky white pearls? the black is tough and hte pearls are a little bit of contrast.

Hi echo, I've just discovered I like pearls after years of thinking them too prim and stuffy. I like them best juxtaposed against urban relaxed pieces - I wear them with dressy silk sweatshirts or dressy track pants.

Deborah, that's an amazing piece; I can't believe you made it!

I wore the new strand today with a keshi pendant I already had. I attached two photos - one of how I wore it, and another that's probably more true to colour or appearance while being worn (fewer rosy overtones show up at a distance, and they look more smooth and round).

I read about necklace extenders, and I think it might be an interesting look if I can find a silver chain to extend this and make it look like a half chain/half pearl necklace. I will have to look into that. I should think about a longer strand that I can double or tie, but I'd have to go with freshwater pearls for that. I prefer the look of akoyas but would likely never pay for a rope of them.

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Echo, they look stunning. I adore the pendant. That is a very cool piece.

I love pearl studs. Always have (well, always being 7th grade), always will. I am dark complected and I think it brings out such brightness in my face. Attempt to keep every else less Tiffanys/Jackie O but sometimes I think it is fun to play that up too.

I'd wear that look to work!

Marilyn -- oops, I didn't notice the knee hole in her jeans. OK, I agree, that does make the outfit a little more 'rough'.

Day Vies, those earrings are beautiful and edgy at the same time. I think I've either seen celebrities on television or in magazines wearing similar/the same ones! How do they feel to wear? I have kind of stiff earlobes (at least the earlobes are still standing at attention, even if other parts of me aren't!), so I wonder if they would show well. But the post must be curved, right?

I would never wear pearls unless maybe they were with spikes, as mentioned earlier in the thread. Seems like I'm in the minority