You're a pear!?? Keep doing what you are doing as you always look so perfectly proportioned. These are all fab, especially #4.

1-3 is KILLER.

As for 4 vs 5, as April said "what hips?" I do not think #5 is an unflattering shape on you AT ALL. So #5 gets the edge for me, because of color flattery.

I agree with Mia: I never have thought of you as a pear- you seem very well balanced. I think of you as a slender hourglass.
I like every single one of these outfits. That white top in the first pictures looks so on trend and modern. I love it! What is it?
The outfit you actually wore works really well with its tone on tone look. But really, it's all just fine tuning- they're all good.

Love #1! As for the last outfit #4 does look more streamlined with a low contrast between the sweater and shirt. However I agree with Suz: it is the shirt straight hem which throws #5 a bit off. Hide the hem completely or use a shirt with the rounded hem and this will be a winner.

J'aime toute les photos superbe style avec la chemise j'ai une petite préférence pour la blanche

surtout la 2 avec le col fermé c'est plus chic.

Your maybe is absolutely a home run! Brilliant tweaks. I prefer the tonal look, but maybe because I'm not used to seeing you in cream yet.