I started this morning searching the forum to see how many pairs of pants other people have. I recently hit a lifetime best of FIVE pairs of pants that actually fit, and I wanted to see what I might try to strive for.

Well, I looked at y'all's counts of, say, 15 pairs of jeans including 7 pairs of dark wash and couldn't fathom WHAT all those pairs of jeans were! Was the same person wearing, say, wide-legged crops, boot cuts, skinnies, distressed jeans, etc.? Or were these all nearly identical pairs of jeans from people who like a lot of uniformity in their wardrobes?

I then started trying on my pants, since I knew I needed to alter a couple, and had an epiphany: pants widths matter. Duh, you may think. Not for this woman. I thought my slim black jeans looked slightly baggy because they were too long. They *are* too long, but shortening them will not transform the fit. They are slim cut jeans, which are different from true skinny, which are different from legging cut. If I want a pair of black jeans that will look form-fitting under my long burgundy sweater, I need a different pair of black jeans.

So, THANK YOU forum as a whole for indirectly leading me to this realization!

Other recent pants epiphanies:
1. I really am hard to fit on pants. 24" inseam, 13 inch difference between waist and hips, and I need/prefer a very high rise in the back (my favorite pants have a 14.5-16 inch back rise).
2. That said, now is a pretty decent time for me to shop for pants: lots of stretch and knit pants that work better on my curves, and the cropped lengths plus slim fit mean sometimes I can get the right length without altering (!!!). Pants shopping will always be frustrating for me, but right now it can be slightly less frustrating.
3. In spite of my tiny inseam, it's worth trying the regular length pants in addition to petites, since the fit can be different, not just the length. The rise in particular can be better on regulars.

Now I'm off to Uniqlo to buy a pair of olive pants in the "cropped leggings" fit. If you had told me a year ago I would have three pairs of olive pants I would have thought you were insane!