As a whole, these are too pastel and springy for me. The only one I really like is honeysuckle. Some of the others might be OK if interpreted in a more saturated way.

I like all of these but Coral Rose and Beeswax.

Looking forward to your take, Angie.

I've been noticing a resurgence of a particular combo of colors that was big in the mid to late 80s, and there they are..."Honeysuckle," "Regatta," "Peapod," and "Lavender." Combinations of these tones were commonly put together with black into one item.

Here are a few examples:

There's lots of this color mix in the thrift stores if anyone cares! I have a skirt I thrifted about 5 years ago that is black, "honeysuckle," and "regatta." So if displaying Pantone's trendy colors is your thing, it should be easy for cheap!

But what I think is weird is the 80s colors, but the interest in going back (again) to the 70s in styles. Strange bedfellows, I say.

I do wonder...does anyone really USE the Pantone color guide? And if so, how? I find that with so many retailers at my disposal it is possible to get a huge range of colors at any given time, and only a handful are "of the moment" colors. If I stumble upon a clothing item in a Pantone 'curent year' colorway, I consider it a happy accident.

Pantone named Honeysuckle the color of the year. I'm not sure they always predict it right though I'm sure seen in the stores.

I like the idea of finding ways to wear it in small amounts like in a top peeking out from a jacket or in a scarf. I'm afraid a big expanse of it would just make me look OL. Well I am an old lady but I don't want to emphasize it.

I'm still laughing at Maya's description of Russet as "a disgusting shade of potato brown."