I would go with nude hosiery. Nothing too experimental for the interview.

Oops! I just logged in, from the subway, to say “here I go—wish me luck!” and saw Anchie’s post that tights might be colored experimental. Gulp. Guess I’d better hope I get someone who likes that. Idk if I’d been able to buy the other kind in time anyway. Hair/ back pic is from a couple hours later—hope it wasn’t so fuzzy for interview.

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Good luck FI - you got this And good choice!

Hi there, I have 25 years recruitment exp and you look perfectly professional. I think the darker tights are better. Now you don't need to think about your attire any more because it looks PERFECT. Relax and gather your thoughts for the actual interview process. All the best!

Actually, I think it looks fine, from package picture pattern on the tights looked more exaggerated.

You look great! Like Star said, dressing is *sorted*, so now you can just feel prepared and confident. Good luck!

Just saw this, hope it went well. As Star said, perfectly professional

Thanks Suntiger! I appreciate your confidence in me.

Thanks Anchie. They probably exaggerated the pattern on the package to make sure it’s visible.

Thanks notsaf—appreciate the good wishes!

Star, thank you so much for your advice from so much experience! I was indeed quite relaxed—maybe too much. At one point I went so far as to cut off the interviewer/potential boss. We started off with light chatter about Corona. When he had told me Ecuador is spraying disinfectant because of something Trump said and was back to criticizing T’s generally undisciplined pronouncements, I said “I can see you and I won’t have political arguments with each other”. I hope that wasn’t too much, but he seemed ok with it, didn’t pause tossing his pingpong ball around for a second, but got back on topic.

It was a very quick interview. He asked where I’m from—the US—and then if I can be outgoing, reach out to people and sell things. I said “yes”. He looked like he wanted more, so I said “all Americans can; it’s what we do”. He agreed and told me about the company founder coming over from the US, battling German mindsets and culture, etc. But it probably isn’t going to work. There was nothing in the job ad or on the site or in anything they sent me about pay scale. After politics and personality, he had to ask what kind of visa I have, was not deterred that I need a work contract to get a visa that actually permits me to work. But then he asked about pay expectations. When he heard what the immigration office insists I should be able to make, he said “nope” (the German version anyway). It’s mostly commission; the amount I’d get if I didn’t make that much commission is less than the immigration office requires I have guaranteed, so no deal. He is going to send me an offer stating exactly what they could give me; if I get another low offer, from a part time or commission job, so the two together reach the required minimum, I’d get the residency permit.

But next time I need to be a little more formal for an interview, I know what to wear

Well you looked awesome anyway whatever the result! Well done for not panicking in the end.

Jenni, I didn’t need to panic because I knew YLF regulars—you included—would know what to do and would come through for me, and you did! Thank you so much, and thanks to everyone who commented!

Whatever the result, all interviews are a learning experience (and great practice!).

Thank you kkards, thanks Star! Does it sound like I was too mouthy during the interview? My impression was that it was going over fine. But I’m from academia, where interviews last all day & you're supposed to show personality & free thinking. This is different.

Sorry, I didn't see your question before, but you had great advise anyway.
I am happy that you felt confident and it seems that you created some rapport with the interviewer which is always a good thing.
With your positive attitude I am sure you will land a great job in the near future.

No I don't think so - seeing that he expressed his views first.

Discussing politics at work place can be very awkward and better be avoided. And especially during the interview - it can be minefield. I know my boss for 15 years and still don’t know if he is Democrat or Republican LOL.

Sorry I'm late to this thread but just wanted to wish you luck. You looked professional with just the right amount of spunk from your blazer. Sounds like the interview went well, I know what you mean about academia having different expectations to 'real world' interviews haha - now to just sit tight for the results.

Just chiming in to say your outfit looked dynamite!

I think you chose the right pieces and the hosiery look great. Now you have this sorted.

Well done!

The outfit came together perfectly.
You looked great.

You looked very professional and polished! I know I always feel more at ease when I look the part.

Agree, this was the right look, from hair down to shoes. Bummer it was a commission salary thing.

Thanks for all the compliments! As I was hanging the jacket up, I got a call from a bank, did a mini-interview right then, and they said they would contact me soon to set up the “next step”, so there may be another chance for this outfit soon.

The outfit and hose look appropriate, and great news re the bank! Hope you will get a full interview.

I was going to vote for one of the dresses in nr 5 or 7-so I see you did great, whatever the result was, but sincerely, reading to the end think you didn't loose anything but gained some self confidence and routine-welldone!:-)

I know you did good with the interview. You surely did with the clothes. You looked so professional. Good luck with the bank. Let us know what happens with that.

You looked great - thanks for sharing the final outfit! I hope they offer it to you even if you don’t want it - the first job, I mean! And good luck with the bank!

Sounds like your lovely and professional outfit might come in handy again soon. I hope you find the ideal position. Let us know.