Not tempted to shop at all now (haven’t been much tempted for the past eight months — WHO AM I ANYMORE?). But in fairness I am still on the road in camping gear.

Two ultra practical things i may shop for once we are home:
- A campground laundry mishap has damaged a pair of my Lucky straight leg jeans, so I might be tempted to find another pair after we are home, maybe. Good straight legs are pretty much my go-to now.
- A mouse got into our camper one night and decided to render my favorite Madewell black v-neck tee unwearable. It also nibbled just enough damage into the neck of ANOTHER black tee (a brand new one from WoolX) to push that shirt into my sleepwear capsule. So I am down two good black tees, which are a staple for me. Doh!

I think I’ll be on Team Rebound Dressing when we finally get home. After two months of camping/ranch gear, I’ll be wanting to wear my real clothes, even if it’s only to the grocery store.

Absolutely rebound shopping. I don't need anything - it's absurd to buy anything dressy - but I'm itching to try out new blazers, shoes, all the things that are impractical for my new work-from-home life. I always get the shopping itch in the fall. The itch is more intense right now after 6 months of no shopping, but I'm still not going to stores, and I'm reluctant to order much online, so I'm keeping myself in check.

I tried the plaid versions of that gorgeous purple blazer and pants in your finds. The purple is amazing (but I have no need for it). The plaid is a HEWI but sadly, not at all amazing on me (too bulky). Alas. So that's some money I don't need to spend!

I have been shopping online though less then usual and looking more for stay at home, cozy, and warm.
I bought a few of those J Crew cashmere wraps for gifts. Love the Zara cardigans but lilac is sold out☹️.
For cindysmith and others looking for warm clothing, I have to recommend Uniqlo. Years of wearing heatech layering tops and bottoms but more recently fleece lined tights and heatech warm-lined pants, perfect for inside warmth and also outdoor walks or work!

I love hearing everyone’s recommendations for Heattech! They have Heattech jeans now too. Definitely on my list.

For those who asked - the Zara cardis are not itchy at all, but lofty, light and fuzzy. No pilling and they look like new after several wears . I often thrown them in at my desk because the colors make me happy.

The J Crew cardis Are double faced wool so they are reversible, which I love too.
I love seeing ask your fun and sensible purchases! I think I’m done with purchases, except maybe for some Heattech pants down the road...

I LOVE Uniqlo's Heattech thermals. The best

Roxanna, your rebound items are gorgeous! Desperate to see the purple suit and especially the pants in action. So fun!

I am extremely consistent with my style and shopping. No COVID rebounds or style changes (accept for no lippie, rings, and I am always in sneakers). Just onward as always, and keeping my spirits up!

Some recent additions! Dressy and the usual.....