Angie's post on accessories brought to mind a question I ask every time I open my jewelry cabinet: can I wear dangly earrings with my glasses? I wear glasses 95% of the time but love drops and chandeliers and hoops etc... but don't wear them as much as I like so as not to compete with my glasses. I'm a little embarrassed to admit how much I ponder this... but was glad to see that Janet and Lisap contend with this too!

I happen to be wearing a pair of dangly Gorjana earring from Nordstrom Rack today. A recent new favorite are the Madewell tassel earrings in the find below, but I've only worn them a handful of times so far.

A few of my lessons-learned for when I do wear dangly earrings:
- wearing my hair down helps, especially with texture/curl
- low contrast earrings won't compete with my high-contrast glasses as much
- I can occasionally go for bolder high-contrast earrings (a la Jenna Lyons) but have to be ok with the edgier look

I'd love to hear others' thoughts and tips on pairing glasses with earrings!