I hope you have a fabulous trip. I am not a traveler but Iceland is a tempting location. Everyone I know who has been there rates it as among their favorite places ever. Enjoy every minute.

Not any help as I've not been to Iceland but would love to go. I would forgo fleece for one of your cashmere sweaters. I always travel with one even in summer. They repel smells and are very light weight. I took a light weight puffer that can be squeezed into a little bag to Ireland and wore it alone or layered under a raincoat. Was so glad I had it. Again, it was very light weight.
Your choices in finds all look wonderful. Have a great time and post photos.

A friend was there (Iceland) a couple of weeks ago. It was very windy and chilly for the entire week. I'd throw in long underwear if you can find the space. The car rental company actually charged them damage to the car that windblown sand had caused.

Wow! I have no practical packing advice to add to all the helpful ideas above, but have a wonderful time. (Btw, Iceland is opening a cheap airline to Israel and my sister is already planning her trip in October!)

Have a great and fun trip, Suz.
I don't have advice to add, only good wishes

Oh wow Suz, ICELAND! I spent four days there some time ago on my way back from Sweden, and loved every minute of it. Highlight was siting in an outdoor hot tub (heated geothermally) when the wind was howling, it was raining, and about 4 degrees. It's such a cool place... geology in action... and if that makes no sense now, it will.

You've left, so no packing advice, just have a ball.

Have a great time!

I'm so envious, Suz! I like the idea of bringing a puffer vest, especially if you already have one. I live in a climate that requires layering year-round, especially in the mountains, and my vest has served me well. It's amazing how far insulating your core can go towards keeping you comfortable in varying temperatures.

I hope you have a brilliant holiday. You seem to be sorted with the packing advice. Lovely to see how you have built a streamlined small capsule that covers all your needs.