Here's what I actually wore... pic 2...

Day 1 - swapped tops last minute before leaving for the airport. Not sure why -- we'll just say it's because I am a mood dresser. Arrived to destination & it was so hot & muggy, I just had to change into something sleeveless and with shorter hemline. Yes I changed from cotton short sleeves to sleeveless, and a cotton midi-length skirt to one above the knee. That tweak made all the difference in terms of comfort in the heat.

Day 2 - even though we were going to be in an AC conference room all day, jeans just felt unbearably heavy, no matter how rolled. So I chose the other VC ruched midi instead, which worked best with the geo pattern BR sleeveless blouse. I did not even need the cardigan. Though I could, and many did, I did not bother to change for the evening festivities as I felt just perfect in this outfit, for the weather and the occasion.

Day 3 - I tried the jeans again, with this top. Still wasn't feeling it. The heat. So I recycled the striped tube skirt again to wear home. It's so comfy for traveling, like traveling in sweat pants. Unfortunately, it's already starting to pill. At last minute I added the Naot Lena flats, simply because there was room for them, so I chose to wear them home. I did need the cardigan, when I arrived back home, because it was chilly here.

Handbag: night before the trip, I polled DH on which bag I should bring. He voted for the blush Coach. I was glad to have someone break the tie for me!

Luggage: 22-inch spinner, international size. I put my laptop inside the carry on pocket. Everything fit in this bag, but in retrospect (looking what I actually wore), I still totally over-packed. But, I am glad I brought options, and the luggage was not unmanageably heavy.

Original post:

I don't want to list specifics due to privacy etc, but my next trip is for business, to a hot & humid climate, dress code is challenging... one day will be business casual (I expect frigid AC meeting room). The rest of the time will be spent outdoors (team dinners) in hot & humid weather. The men are told to wear shorts and tee shirts and flip flops. The few women that will be attending are left to figure it all out for themselves...

I'm from Boston, where summers are so much milder, so I have a limited amount of options for hot/sticky weather, most of what I have is for my weekends, not for hanging out with colleagues. I.e., I am not about to go baring too much skin around my coworkers, or my cotton/breathable options are getting threadbare / don't fit (did I mention I've gained weight this year since starting this new job?).

Here's what I have. Does this work? What would you add or subtract?

Note for travel days, I will be traveling with colleagues, and it involves airplane + 2 hour car ride.

What would you put on the list to buy before next summer/ packing challenge rolls around?

Note I have bathing suit on there, because we were told to bring one.... but 99% sure I won't be crawling into a bathing suit in front of my work mates anytime soon.

The dress -- I love it. Final sale AT. It's so comfy and flattering. BUT it is synthetic, so I am dubious. I did a test run in it last night, it was perfect for my local clime in the evening. It may be too hot for more southern climes, but all my other options don't fit or are threadbare or are not business appropriate.

I am not bringing all three of those handbags, just one. Which one SHOULD I bring? Can't decide. Pink, cognac, or cobalt? Just one...

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