I am packing for a two week beach holiday. We are travelling by car, staying in a family cottage/bach and it is mid summer. We travel to this part of NZ all the time so I know what works and what doesn't.

Likely occasions
Sports/beach, swimming, yoga, running, kayaking
Social - BBQ on deck, maybe coffee at other houses
Lounging- reading books, puzzles

- will be hot and sunny mostly but also windy and potential rain

I am packing

Beach capsule
- one bikini, two one pieces
- one rash shirt
- two beach cover ups (one orange, one black and white)
- one floppy hat
- flip flops
- three pairs of sunglasses

Gear capsule
- two pairs running shorts
- two pairs yoga/running tights
- four tops
- one pair cycling shorts
- two caps
- one hoodie
- three sports bra
- four pairs socks
- one pair running shoes
- one pair sports sandals
- yoga mat

- one pair denim shorts
- one pair white jeans
- one pair rust linen culottes
- one floral skirt

- one black tee
- one black tank
- one black and white striped tee
- one olive, rust, black and white striped tee
- one floral blouse
- one floral tank
- long sleeve mint blouse

- one black jumpsuit
- one blue floral dress
- one white floral dress

- one gold jacket
- one micropuffer
- one black floral kimono

- one pair pewter slides
- one pair black sandals

- three gold earrings
- one blue earrings
- three bracelets
- one resin necklace

I created a collection here - not included is the beach capsule (mostly black and white and navy) or the gear capsule (mostly black, pink and coral)


Things I considered
- other sneakers (decided too hot for me in mid summer)
- second pair of jeans (again too hot for me)

Mistakes I usually make
- no options if cold weather
- taking heels (never wear them)

Wish I had
- neutral colour long sleeve linen blouse
- a pair of shorts I like more than these

There are a few nice shops in the area so I might look for the above items if I feel in the mood. I also would be open to a new bikini should I find one I like (a hard ask!)

I will report back how it all went. I will be on YLF sporadically during the holiday I am sure.

All the best for 2020....wishing for a year of kindness and change.