Sal this is a pretty dress on you. These midi dresses are tricky when there is so much volume in the skirt. I like the length of Kate's dress in the photo - I would shorten your dress to a similar length. Typically for me, I like it best with the boots!

Lovely dress , I am with Bijou about the length.

I agree that shortening the dress to just over your knees or top of calf may help add structure, but I also like the dress unbelted with your sneakers.

I think shortening it is a good idea, but I quite like the third rendition with the tan boots and brown belt.

I like it more unbelted or with the self belt. The black and brown seem too heavy visually with the dress. Of the shoes I like the tan booties most.

Sara, Suntiger, Joy, Mirjana and Bijou - thanks. I agree - and I had a friend over tonight and we have a plan.

Shortening it about 10cm ( about 4 inches).
Roll up the sleeves.
The tie belt - even tying it at the back is quite good.
A white pretty cami underneath might also work - I have a couple....

I really like the dress but it is a bit overwhelming so these tweaks will help make it mine!! I will try again with the other belts when shortened.

I feel good to have a plan now!

Your plan sounds great! Hope you will report back!

I love your plan for reducing some of the volume and bossing the dress around. i think it can work brilliantly for you -- showing more skin is going to be key!

ETA, it's not unlike the shirt dress that Angie and I have. Maybe not as wide in the skirt. I wear mine really long....but it's a solid, dark blue, and I always wear with a bit of a heel and only the self belt. Also, I always scrunch the sleeves....

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Thanks Suz. I love that dress on Angie and yourself and it has a similar vibe.... I think a tad off the length and being willing to leave open that extra button at the top will make it work.

#3 is my favourite.

I agree that shorter would be better.

I like it best in the last pic unbelted with the white sneaks, and then in #3 with the boots and the wider belt.

For what it's worth, I am a Flamboyant Natural as I think you have said you are (although not hourglass). I have one long ditzy print floral prairie dress, a bit of a wild card. The only way I feel right in it is to toughen it up considerably. I have worn it with Chelsea or motorcycle boots, or black Birkenstocks, and topped with a black leather jacket or a rugged looking vest or jumper to cover up some of the floral. Or once I wore it unbuttoned in the skirt over a contrasting long skirt.

Thanks The Cat.

LÁbeille - yes I do think I am Flamboyant Natural - or close enough. It is a bit of a wildcard as I don't think I/we want to go down the too soft look. I tend to put a sporty edge. I could see a leather jacket with this and will try my one with it maybe tomorrow:) Good thinking!!