Hi all

A lot of us are spending more time at home these days, and I was thinking about a challenge we could do to lift our spirits.

It’s an outfit creation challenge.

The idea is to create a “new” outfit at home to wear out and about when this crisis is all over. Something for the coming warmer or cooler weather (depending on your hemisphere). A “new for you” combination. That doesn’t mean it has to include new items. It could be a remix of an old favourite. Or an experiment with a wardrobe orphan. Or a mix of old and new. It could be a silhouette/vibe/colour combination that you are interested in trying.

Each participant should start their own thread for each outfit creation session. It’s fine to do one outfit or several (depending on how creative you are feeling).

If you don’t want to participate by posting an outfit, you can still participate by commenting.

It might be a good way to help us stay connected and positive in these anxious times.

Any interest?