Great idea for a challenge. Immediately intriguing. I hope I can find a few minutes to dress twice each morning and take photos, because I would like to join in. Looking forward to how everyone interprets this!

Hah. Diane. I'm excited. Sounds brilliant.

Laura, it doesn't matter how you interpret your fantasy style. For reasons X, Y and Z - you did not wear said style fantasy outfit that day, although you would have liked to if things were different.

I'm looking forward to your renditions.

I'm off the forum the rest of the day, but look forward to seeing what you come up with this week.

Wish I could play but have guests staying with me this week, look forward to seeing the posts!

This challenge is perfect for me! Look forward to making at least one attempt.

I have no idea where this will take me but I will try to give it a shot.

I'm going to take a twirl at it... :):):) though I'm afraid there won't be that much difference? We will see...

Um, I'm not gonna be ready tomorrow. My skirt hoops are in the way, lol. This is literally true, but also symbolic of a few style conundrums that I think this challenge gets at... which eggs me on to participate.

Yes, Rachy! This challenge is made for you!

Angie --- this sounds terrific! I'll see what I can do. My reality of, course, is cleaning out the crawl space and praying I don't find a dead mouse! My reality outfits have to include gloves and cobwebs!

WOOOHOOOO, ladies. You have the week to prep your outfits. No need to post today.

I have a busy morning, but will get to your challenge outfits as soon as I can.

I finally had some time to post some outfits for the challenge! My reality is not that far from my fantasy. Often just swapping a pair of shoes out. I guess I've done this a lot already when transitioning from work to MOTG.