Early 80s??? Oh no, no, no. I'm a 70s girl through and through. I have not listened to regular radio since the early 1980s. Not kidding here. When 8 tracks went away, I bought the same albums in cassette form, then later in cds. I've been having fun lately re-buying my 70s wardrobe as well!

You are such fun Angie I'm in for the challenge at least. My wardrobe won't stretch to all week, but I'll do my best.

Carter, by all means be a '70s gal. Just as fab in so many ways.

Caro and Suz. I hoped you'd join in.

Windchime and Staysfit, you can cheer from the sidelines with me.

I am totally stumped. Believe it or not!

Yes, definitely! I will start on Monday Angie I may well be the first as I'm in the UK and the time difference etc.. I think I'll do Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I had a blast putting my outfits together and it gave me some inspiration for outfits when our weather warms up a bit. Great fun!

Late 60s Early 70s. I still have some of my clothes from that era. DH and his band still plays the music.

The only issue is I am on the road and when we get home we have to put our house back together. It was so cold the pipes froze and then there was a flood. A lot to deal with now. But we are flower children so very cool with it all. Peace. Hopefully I can find my clothes and find time to do outfits next week.

Runcarla: Thanks for the visuals! That 50's MOTG is amazing!

Every time I read this I do a double take...I keep glancing at the title and seeing Favorite Fashion Bras. Like 3 times now!

Don't think I'd sign up for that challenge.

Wonderful challenge! I'm traveling until Tuesday, so perhaps I'll join you all midweek! I think I a 40's girl myself, although elements of the 80s sing to me, too!

I'll try to do at least one day. My schedule is getting busier in the coming weeks. The only era that is currently easily represented in my closet (that I would also wear out of the house) is 70s, although I'm sure I could pull something 80s-influenced and 90s-influenced as well.

I love the silhouettes of the 40s, but don't have much that goes with that era anymore. And everything was high-waisted in the 50s! I admire the 20s looks but they are awful on my body (dropped waists, shudder!).

Looking forward to seeing what everyone posts.

Lol Peri! Me neither!

Go on, Peri. Be a sport and start a new trend.

I look forward to seeing it ALL, ladies.

Oh this is perfect timing - I wore something vaguely twenty-esque for the Seder, and have lots of extra dress up events this coming week.

Perfect, Jaime.

On your marks. Get set. GO.

*tick tock, tick tock, tick tock*

Oh This looks like so much fun. I don't want to comment on everyone's pictures but, you all make me want to go home and play dress up.