How did these boots suddenly become so uncomfortable?

I thought perhaps my feet had spread a bit from wearing sneakers throughout lockdown. Also, a lot of my winter footwear is sized up to accommodate boot socks, hence I am used to a looser fit. However, these are premium Italian quality and I’ve had no similar problems with their nearest equivalents.

If the fit was poor, there is no way I would have bought them, let alone wear out the heels… and that’s the clue right there. I’ve had them repaired over lockdown and it looks as though the cobbler has added ±3mm to the heels. It never fails to astonish me how a couple of millimeters can make all the difference, but I know from experience that it does. By way of experiment, I taped cardboard shims to the soles and wore them around the house a little bit. That felt more like the boots I remember.

I’m now entering the realm of precision engineering and I doubt the guys who did the original repair will be able to help me. This is one for the experts. I know who to ask about the shoes, but what about my feet? I’ve seen Angie and others comment on their diminishing tolerance for heels, and of all my semi-formal footwear, these have the highest rise at around 6cm, or 2.5in.

Tell me about your experience with middling heels over the years. Have you given up, or are you persevering?