Oh noes! I've been battling an ankle problem, and my doc says I have to wear one of these:


Not exactly fashion forward, but I have to suck it up for my health. But how the heck am I going to wear this thing? Any clever ideas for lessening the fashion crimes I'll commit while wearing it?

I think one has to wear sneakers with this thing, so of course the only pair I have here in Berkeley are an insane bright green that I got on super sale because the color is so eye-searing! They will look...interesting paired with my mostly purple and red shirts.

I might be able to sort of hide the brace away under pants...if I had any. Due to recent weight loss, I have exactly zero pairs of pants that fit and are not pajama pants.

I am thinking maybe I should go emergency pants shopping and just try to hide the brace under my pants leg, but any and all suggestions are welcome.