Yay, and I LOVE the new 'do! I saw your earlier thread but I'm not sure I commented. I think the cut is genius for you and I love the defined curls!

The blouse is super, Aida. It looks pretty straight from the front, but it still hints at your great hourglass shape from the back. It is not too big at ALL. Keep and love. Maybe sleep in it a few times to loosen it up. (JK)

Yay! Gorgeous! Perfect! I wish I could order this shirt without getting financially robbed by VAT etc

It looks great on you and that color is really beautiful! It will soften with a little time.

I think this size is perfect, Aida, not too boxy at all, just exactly right. And such a splendid colour on you. I love the entire outfit, with the grey skinnies and animal print pumps. And your new do!!! I didn't have a chance to comment on your other thread, but my word, it is stunning, Aida!!

I missed the first one, but the fit here looks absolutely perfect. And I adore this color on you!

You ladies are the best, I really appreciate all the feedback! I am feeling a lot better about the fit of this shirt now, and I'm sure after the first wear I'll be 100% comfortable with the looseness

Sveta, thanks for the vinegar tip. I'll look that up and see if it works for linen!

Deborah, yep this is the same linen shirt as Angie's pink one (it was one of her tops picks a little while back).

Claire and Inge, thanks for the hair compliments <3

looks great! didn't see the first one to compare but i think you should def. keep.