I’ve had in my mind for the last few years that I’d like to find a pair of soft shorts in a challis fabric. I didn’t want them to be too short. Kind of flowy in an almost skirt like way. I do think this style goes JFE very easily.

So I ordered these J Jill shorts. The colors are going in and out of stock. The light oatmeal on their website is new, but is not a good match for my coloring. (I like it for others).

Also, right now I feel like I’m shopping for one level up from PJs. I’m good with that, but I don’t actually want them to look like PJs. Do they? I’ve tried them with a few different tops. I am between sizes and ordered the larger size. I do not think they would be comfortable in a size down, so it would defeat the purpose, plus they’re sold out anyway. They are pretty voluminous.

So - is this a concept better left in my head, do they look too much like pajamas, and K/R?

PS - please don’t ask me to tuck the tops in. I won’t, even if they did look better that way.

PPS - rayon shorts with back pockets that will hold a phone! What?!?!