I remember last spring, myself and others tried the toeless panty hose-they were worse than awful. The string between my toes felt like it was trying to amputate the big toe. I sometimes do not want bare legs with shorter dresses. Since I can not wear pumps, have a hard time with footwear in general, and have a pair of great open toe booties,and two pair of open toe sandals that I want to wear with my 3 dresses that are knee length I tried this----first try it with a pair of cheap, or not your best PH. step 1-cut out the toes..step 2-put a coat of nail polish around the hole. This is to keep it from running. do this carefully. I just put my hand in the stocking and spread the hole open with my fingers. when dry remove and remove the nail polish from your hand. Put on the hose and place band aids or tape on your feet to hold the hose in place-I used one band aid on top and one on the bottom. this, of course, does not work with strappy sandals, but does work with peep and open toe footwear.