You should be in magazines!

I love them all - you are so creative and inspirational! My personal fav, though, is #4 with the fuschia clutch.

I don't think I should allow myself to read two threads about gorgeous Zara purchases (just came from Suz's) in a row. Strong desire to go to Zara is overcoming me!

Thank you, fabbers!

Shevia, I know what you mean. After joining YLF I want to buy a lot more than I used to, too. It goes with the territory, I guess.

All of these outfits are great, Ingunn! My favorites are 9, 6, and 3. The only tweak I could offer is on the semi-tuck in #1. The outfit is great, but maybe tuck a little more of the top? Or skip the semi and go for a full tuck, perhaps. I'm impressed, as always, with how many looks you can get out of one versatile piece like this one, and they all look true to your style.

WIW how versatile is that midi? I live all these looks and shan't really pick a favorite - good work.

Love them all, but nr 5 left me speachless! really!!! YLF in this skirt! I personally can't do this kind of accordeon pleats as have wide hips but it looks a gem on you, and for your always fresh style! Good ajob, Ingunn!:-)

I am almost unable to choose a fav, they all look great but I do love the white lacy tank with the skirt. It's fun to see all of your options and inspires me to try new combinations with my own pieces of clothing.

Thank you, everyone!

Golden, I find that playing dress up like this with a new piece really helps me find good use for it in my wardrobe and prevents that it becomes an orphan. Highly recommended!