Sometimes you just have to ante up and part with the funds to purchase an outfit that you KNOW you will NEVER wear again. Probably 'occaision wear' like a wedding dress or a bridesmaid outfit. Possibly a MOG or MOB outfit. Maybe a costume event? I don't think these garments are cause for lamentation or regret, and they may be cause for fond remembrance.

I loved my mother's wedding dress, but only from photos. She donated it to The Church because in those days nuns 'married' into the Catholic Church and wore wedding dresses! I bought my wedding dress on sale and the veil was included. When I closed up shop after two sons, I donated my dress to the Sally Ann. I still have the veil wrapped in tissue in a box somewhere.

I have a ball skirt I bought for a NYE formal wedding a couple of years ago. The top I got for it has been in rotation, but I have yet to wear the skirt again. Having it in my closet makes me happy - so it survives the purges. Most garments in my closet get lots of wears, but I do have some I wear less often, and a one hit wonder. What about you?

Do you have any 'one hit wonders'? Bonus points for pics!